About ANS

The American Nuclear Society is a professional organization of engineers and scientists devoted to peaceful and beneficial applications of nuclear science and technology. Its more than 11,000 members come from diverse technical backgrounds covering the full range of engineering disciplines as well as the physical and biological sciences within the nuclear field. They are advancing the application of nuclear technologies to improve the lives of the world community through national and international enterprise within government, academia, research laboratories and private industry. These individuals represent a broad spectrum of organizations, from utilities and manufacturers to educational institutions, national laboratories and government agencies - approximately 900 members reside overseas in 60 countries.

The Society's main objective is to promote the advancement of engineering and science relating to the atomic nucleus. Other purposes are to integrate the many nuclear science and technology disciplines, encourage research, establish scholarships, disseminate information through publications and journals, inform the public about nuclear-related activities, hold meetings devoted to scientific and technical papers, and cooperate with government agencies, educational institutions, and other organizations having similar purposes.

Your Carlsbad Local Section

The ANS Carlsbad Section is the only not-for-profit scientific and educational organization to promote nuclear science and technology in southeast New Mexico and west Texas. Awarded Best Small Section in 2015, the ANS-C Section consists of approximately 60 individuals highly dedicated to improving the understanding of nuclear science and technology, appropriate applications, and potential consequences of their use.

What You Should Know

Board of Directors 2017

President, Anderson Ward
Vice President, Robert Watson
Secretary, Jonathan Icenhower
Treasurer, Jean-Fran├žois Lucchini
Public Relations, Mindy Toothman